Hello, Friends! Welcome to FINEFOLK Photography! This change has been a long time in the making. Back in 2012-ish I realized the need for a new company name when one of my clients ran into a mutual friend and when our friend asked them who they booked for their wedding they struggled and stumbled to pronounce “Ciulla” Photography, so they said, her name is Geri. Yikes! That’s not good! That’s when I realized if folks can’t say my business name they certainly won’t be referring me!

So thus began the journey of the name change. Then life happened. I had three amazing kids in 2.5 years and life suddenly got very verrrrry busy. I finally started my rebrand process with a business name I was absolutely sure fit my brand and vision for my company. However, something just wasn’t right. It took about two years of logo design and website design for me to realize it was the name! Yikes again, back to the drawing board! So thus began another search for the perfect name, the perfect vision. This time I took a good look at my heart and I asked myself if I took all the money out of my business and created work that speaks to me and not just my bank account what would I photograph? The answer was very simple, people. People and their relationships to each other. I would like to photograph honest, real, intentional relationships. That’s where my heart is and that’s where I’m taking this business.

That is when I landed on FINEFOLK. It just feels right. It feels like me right down to the ground. And most importantly it feels like where my photography is headed. I have always photographed people, but not in the way I did when I first started my business. When I first started I trusted my heart and gut to capture real emotion, real connections, and real feeling. Then somewhere along the way, I became afraid of my ability to capture true connection and still get booked. Silly I know. My goal with this new found realization is to start photographing every family, every couple like they are my own children, my own best friend, my own husband. I want to help tell my clients’ stories in more than just a sit and smile at my camera kind of way. I want my clients to look at the images I create for them and feel something they didn’t expect. After all, I believe and have always believed, photography isn’t about the background, outfit or poses, it’s about how it makes you feel.

I’m beyond excited to be finally launching this website and brand. To be honest, it’s not finished. The website isn’t finished, the brand isn’t finished, the logo might not be finished… but this is how life works. If I wait for it to be perfect, I won’t be present and I won’t be moving forward and forward is where I need to be going. So I’m freeing myself of the restraints of the perfect design and logo and marching on and releasing this beauty of love right now! So welcome friends, I’m so glad you’re here!

 With much love,


This image is from on of my very first weddings I ever photographed and it’s still my one of my favorites. It was almost a 100′ on her May wedding day, which no one expected. She got ready and married with no air conditioning and I will never forget how hot that day was, but also how wonderful and graceful she was about it all!